Week of January 14, 2017
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What gas do your lungs get rid of as you breathe?
Carbon Dioxide
Which of the world’s penguins are the tallest and heaviest?
Ross Sea

What type of migratory bird is a wood thrush?

Study Your Heart

Heart HealthyDo you like experiments? The American Physiological Society, tinyurl.com/y9hydnsc, helps you learn why your heart is such an important organ. In Healthy Heart Experiment I, you will work alongside Dr. Lacy Holowatz to gather data about Sam the Dog. Listen to the doctor as you complete each task. Why does Sam’s heart beat faster when he is active? In Experiment II, learn from Dr. Martin Frank about how what you eat affects your heart. In this experiment, you will make a prediction about whether the heart works harder to pump blood through large tubes or smaller tubes. Next, test your theory and examine your results.

Play Elephant Feed
Elephant Feed

Polar Explorers

Adelie PenguinVisit Ice Stories: Dispatches From Polar Scientists, icestories.exploratorium.
, to look at the lives of scientists in icy regions of Earth. Did you know some biologists specialize in penguins? They are among many scientists in the Arctic and Antarctica who study climate, landscape and wildlife. Scientists sharing their work allow students to learn from photographs and descriptions of the research. Big Ideas is a great place to investigate Antarctic Whales, Polar Bears, Icebergs and Arctic Birds. The Reading Snowflakes experiment is designed to predict climate change and examine historic environmental trends.

Bird Migration

Wood ThrushWanda the Wood Thrush needs your help on her journey back to her nesting grounds. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo invites you to Play the Migration Game, nationalzoo.si.edu/migratory-birds/play-migration-game. Let the Journey Begin in Costa Rica, where Wanda has spent the winter. Do you know why birds migrate? As you answer questions along the way, you will learn interesting facts about birds and how they survive the changing environment. For instance, Wanda will travel at night and feed during the day. This is wise, because there are fewer predators at night. She can also fly as high as 2,000 feet! Learn how buying coffee can help the wood thrush population.

Speak Out

How will your school observe Martin Luther King Day on Jan. 15?

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Editing Resources

Second semester of each school year usually brings big projects that require writing and research. Whether it’s a paper summarizing results of a science experiment, a history project about a famous person or a book report about a classic novel, you will probably be doing some type of writing this semester.
With that in mind, proofreading your work is an important step in getting a good grade. Here are a few resources to help you do your best:


Editing Checklist for Self- and Peer Editing

Curriculum Pathways: Writing Reviser

Reading Rockets: COPS Editing Checklist


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