Week of December 31, 2017
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What is the term that correctly describes the process of making gold softer?
What is Finland’s New Year’s tradition?
Fortune telling metal
Breaking plates
Dressing up as bears

What is the tallest building in the United States?
Empire State Building
Sears Tower
One World Trade Center

Jewellery Quarter Museum

JewelryThe Birmingham Museum for Kids, bmkids.org.uk/
, invites you to tour the Jewellery Quarter and take a peek into the workshop of Mr. Pepper and Mr. Smith, where most of England’s jewelry is made. Step into The Office and find out which countries provide the raw materials for the exquisite pieces of jewelry the workshop creates. The Workshop’s unique tools make it possible for precious metals to be shaped into the fine pieces you will see in a retail store. Play the Job Game and help the workers finish their tasks in the correct order. Learn interesting facts about pure gold when you visit Mr. Tom’s Office.

Play Ratio Martian
Ratio Martian

New Year’s Traditions

New YearsHow Do People Celebrate New Year Around the World?, bbc.co.uk/
, is a look at traditions that mark the worldwide changing of the calendar year. Because of different time zones, in some parts of the world, 2018 will start hours earlier than in other countries, where it will still be 2017. Watch a video to find out which part of the world welcomes the new year first. The people of Denmark have a unique tradition that brings good luck to friends – do you know what it is? In Brazil, eating lentils at the New Year is a sign of good fortune. You’ll love the vivid photographs of these celebrations!

Tall Buildings

Tallest BuildingHave you ever wondered which skyscrapers are the tallest in the world? Emporis, emporis.com/statistics/worlds-tallest-buildings, is a company that keeps data on more than half a million buildings in 200 countries. To view the tallest building in the world, you would have to travel to Dubai and visit the Burj Khalifa. Select each building to see quick facts, then scroll down to learn what makes each impressive architectural structure unique. Find out which building has the highest observation deck or which has the fastest elevator. Some of these skyscrapers are strictly for businesses, while others contain restaurants, hotels and residential areas.

Speak Out

Do you make New Year’s resolutions?
Do you keep them?

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Choose a Resolution

Setting goals for yourself at the start of a new year is a popular tradition. Goals give you a chance to make a plan, try something new and change your life in a positive way. Let’s say you want to get healthier. You might research healthful recipes, types of exercise and even recruit a friend to join you in pursuing your goals.

Another change you could work on is improving your grades. It can be hard to juggle school with other activities, but getting more organized with your time and using available resources can help. If you are struggling with a subject, ask your teacher and your parents for suggestions about where to go when you have questions. You might also do homework with a friend who does well in the class you struggle with.

Finding a new hobby or skill is a popular resolution for many kids. You can choose from areas you’re already interested in, such as learning to play an instrument or a new sport, editing videos, or even collecting baseball cards. For more ideas, visit Healthy New Year’s Resolutions for Kids, sparkpe.org/blog/healthy-new-years-resolutions-for-kids.


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