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What is the Spanish word for “newspaper”?
El boligrafo
El periodico
El ordenador
How many kids ages 5-14 in Australia participate in basketball each year?

Which activity is used to test
Music and Its Effect on Sports?

Learn Spanish

Food and DrinkDigital Dialects’ Spanish Language Games, digitaldialects.com/
, is a fun set of online lessons designed to help you improve your Spanish proficiency. Choose from numbers, phrases, vocabulary, food, animals, fruit and advanced games. If you take Spanish in school, you’ll find this site quite useful in preparing for tests. Conjugating verbs can be especially tricky, so check out Verbs Infinitive for additional practice. Does your family ever take vacations to Spanish-speaking areas? Phrases is an excellent game to play to prepare for your next trip. Be sure to check out Vocabulary Builder to learn more new words.

Play Dolphin Feed
Dolphin Feed

Stay Healthy

KidsHealthy Kids, healthykids.nsw.gov.au/kids-teens.aspx, answers questions about what kids need to do to stay fit. Did you know that it is unhealthy to spend more than two hours a day sitting? Many schools have reconfigured classrooms to allow students to work standing up or move around when they need to. Do you know that your body needs water to function properly? If you get headaches or have trouble concentrating, you may be dehydrated. Try the Salty Potato Experiment to learn how salty foods and drinks affect your body. Read about the Most Played Sports – can you guess which activity is No. 1?

Science Fair

Science FairEvery spring, students across the country compete for top honors in science. All Science Fair Projects, all-science-fair-projects.com/
, can help you select a winning entry. Fortunately, there are many subjects to choose from when researching an idea. Experiments come in a variety of scientific areas, including environment, behavior, sports, physics, chemistry and more. If you’re interested in Behavioral Science, check out Effect of Classroom Temperature on a Student’s Performance. Find out if hamsters are smarter than mice, in Biology. The Science Project Coach is available to teach you how to evaluate your project so you’ll be ready for the judges.

Speak Out

What language would you
most like to learn? Why?

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Dear Amy: I am helping my mom with Christmas dinner this year and she would like me to find some healthy desserts to make. Do you have any ideas about where I can find recipes? — Annabelle R., Dallas, TX

Dear Annabelle: Making healthy choices for dessert over the holidays is an excellent idea. Many websites are dedicated to helping cooks find delicious alternatives to sugary treats.

EatingWell, tinyurl.com/y8wcnhud, is a magazine dedicated to preparing healthful meals. Their food and nutrition experts have come up with recipes for Christmas cakes, pies, cookies and candy that are sure to please your family.

Try the Pumpkin-Chocolate Cream Cake or the Pear Custard Pie. Either one will delight the crowd at your holiday feast! Scroll through the choices to find an option for your family.

The Food Network’s Healthy Holiday Desserts, foodnetwork.com/healthy/photos/healthy-holiday-baking, is another excellent source for wholesome dessert choices. Celebrity chefs’ recipes are featured in a gallery of favorites for you to enjoy. Try Rachael Ray’s chewy Almond Snowballs or Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Macaroons!


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