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Which type of interest is best for creating long-term wealth?
Simple Interest
Compound Interest
Variable Interest
Which religious texts found in Judea in the 1940s were unveiled with infrared?
The Bible
Dead Sea Scrolls
The Ten Commandments

When was the first Oval Office added to the White House?

Manage Your Money

Save MoneyManaging money is an important skill for everyone. GEN i Revolution, genirevolution.org, is a series of challenges where you help characters solve financial problems. With parental permission, sign up to get started. Did you know that you could become a millionaire just by saving $20 a week in a 401K? Meet Angela in Mission 1, open your backpack and watch the Three Rules for Building Wealth to learn how it works. Are credit cards a good idea? Meet Justin in Mission 5 to learn the benefits and risks of credit. With successful missions, you’ll learn to manage money like a pro!

Play Meteor Multiplication
Meteor Multiplication

Infrared Technology

MeerkatInfrared World, coolcosmos.
, looks at how infrared technology is used. In Archaeology, ancient footpaths were discovered in a dense Costa Rican jungle by using infrared satellite images. Firefighters use infrared cameras to locate people and animals in smoke during fires. Search and rescue teams find missing hikers and climbers using this technology, even in the dark. In Veterinary Medicine, infrared cameras are used to examine animals without touching them, reducing their stress while getting them the help they need.

White House Renovation

White HouseAfter President Harry Truman and his family moved into the White House in 1945, they discovered that the home was in need of extensive repairs. When a leg of the family piano fell through the floor in 1948, the Trumans had the home inspected for structural safety and found that it was in serious danger of collapsing. Saving the White House – Truman’s Extreme Makeover, trumanlibrary.org/
, chronicles the renovations made to the country’s most famous mansion. The Renovation details the debate about how best to complete the restoration. Examine Photographs taken by Abbie Rowe during the project.

Speak Out

How do you stay active during
the winter months?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I want to be active and stay healthy this winter. Do you have any suggestions? — Terry H., St. Paul, Minnesota

Dear Terry: Finding ways to stay healthy over the winter is a terrific idea. The first thing to do when choosing an activity is to make a list of options available in your area. You don’t have to join an organized team if you don’t want to; there are plenty of other activities you can participate in with friends or family.

Since you live in a region that gets abundant snow, cross-country and downhill skiing are sports that your family might enjoy together. Ice skating, hockey and snowboarding are other fun options.

There are also many choices available to you if you would like to find indoor activities. You can play basketball, volleyball or indoor soccer if you are interested in team sports. Visit your city’s website to find out about recreational leagues available in your area.

Dance, swimming, gymnastics and cycling are just a few options you could try if you prefer individual sports. For more ideas, read Staying Active in Winter: Tips and Tricks for Kids, sparkpe.org/blog/stay-active-winter.


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