Week of September 3, 2017
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What questions should you ask yourself before you spend money?
Is it cheaper at another store?
Is there are better way to spend my money?
All of the above
According to Fact Sheets, how old do you have to be to become a lifeguard?

Who started a navigation school in the mid-1400s?
King Ferdinand
Christopher Columbus
Prince Henry of Portugal

Learn About Banking

BankHands on Banking, handson
, introduces you to banking basics so you’ll be able to manage your money wisely. In You and Your Money, follow friendly aliens through a series of lessons and games to learn where money comes from and how you earn it. Have you ever wanted to save for a big purchase such as a bike or a tablet? In Budgeting, learn how to save money for the things you want. Banks are safe places to keep your money when you are not using it. Did you know that you can earn interest for keeping money in the bank? Learn more in the Savings and Checking Guide.

Play Country Toad
Country Toad

Jobs for Young People

JobsDo you plan to get a part-time job when you are older? YouthRules, youthrules.gov, is committed to ensuring safe and positive work experiences for young people. Before looking for a job, it’s important to Know the Rules so you can tell if your employer is treating you fairly. If you are under 14, you’re limited in how you can earn money. For instance, if your parents own a business, you can work for them as long as the business is not one of the Hazardous Occupations established by the Department of Labor. Pick up tips from real working young people in the videos at Teen Work Stories.

American Historical Facts

ColonistAmerican History for Kids, americanhistoryforkids.com, is a collection of stories, facts and photographs about important events and their participants in United States history. Want to learn more about the First Americans? Read about the Native American Tribes who lived throughout the U.S. Early Expeditions to America describes the explorers who came before and after Christopher Columbus. In Colonial America, read about the Homesteaders who settled in the Great Plains, the challenges they faced and what they used to build homes where wood was scarce. Cowboys, Outlaws and Heroes shares facts about the adventurous people who gave the Wild West its reputation for lawlessness.

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job? If so, what is it?

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Dear Amy: I would like to get good grades this school year but I often struggle in math. Do you have any tips on how I can plan ahead if I am struggling? — Reggie Z., New York

Dear Reggie: Math can be tricky, especially when you get to the upper grades. Fortunately, since you know your weaknesses, there are several resources you can have ready ahead of time. First, talk with your teacher at the beginning of the year to see if he or she provides any after-school tutoring. Many teachers will be happy to stay late once a week to work with students. Another option is to study with a friend who is doing well in math. Often you can find the solution if you work together.

For students needing help with math homework, there are several sites that come in handy. Khan Academy, khanacademy.org/math, is a collection of free tutorials for almost any school subject. Choose your subject and grade level to narrow down your search and you will find a helpful tutorial for the math area you are studying. Sometimes a solution to math struggles can be to relearn some basic principles. Coolmath4kids, coolmath4kids.com, is a game-based environment where you can practice those skills.


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