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Where is Morse code still used today?
The White House
Aircraft navigation beacons
Which U.S. bridge collapsed in 2007?
Ontario’s Honeymoon Bridge
Minnesota’s I-35W Bridge
West Virginia’s Silver Bridge

Why was the Parthenon built?
To house a statue of the goddess Athena
To house a statue of Zeus
To house a statue of Poseidon

Learn Morse Code

TelegraphThe National Museum of Scotland wants you to see how simple it is to learn Morse Code, nms.ac.uk/
. Morse code is a system developed in the 1830s that uses dots and dashes to represent each letter of the alphabet. A telegraph delivers messages anywhere in the world, even out at sea. You will begin by typing in a message you would like to send. Next, the game will demonstrate how the message can be sent via telegraph or even lights. Can you guess how many words per minute could be sent by a telegraph operator? Find out when you Learn More About Morse Code.

Play Tractor Multiplication
Tractor Multiplication

Bridge Design

BridgeNOVA presents Build a Bridge, pbs.org/wgbh/
. How many times have you driven over bridges with your family? Engineers design bridges to safely span bodies of water, but even with careful planning, sometimes they fail. Survey the Four Sites that are in need of a bridge and see if you can determine the best type for each one. Before making your final decision, Do Your Homework and learn all you can about each type of bridge. Watch the shocking video of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge as it collapsed in 1940. When you’ve learned about the sites and bridges, Play the Game.

Step Back in Time

ArtTake a trip back in history to learn about ancient civilizations and art at the Birmingham Museums for Kids, bmkids.org.uk/preload.
. Wally, the helpful tour bird, is here to guide you and provide interesting facts along the way. Explore an Egyptian Tomb in Ancient Egypt, where you will have the opportunity to examine the tools used in the mummification process. Do you know when Alexander the Great came into power? Explore the interactive timeline in Ancient Greece to find out, then showcase your art skills when you Design a Greek Pot. Enter the Art Gallery and examine the painting “The Last of England” for clues to its subject matter.

Speak Out

Are you ready to go back to school?
Why or why not?

Speak Out Here!

Writing a Great Speech

Did you know that a few simple tips can make the difference between a mediocre speech and a good one? The first step is to narrow down your topic. For instance, if your subject is a former president, your focus may be on his accomplishments during his term. Stating your topic in the form of a question will help you focus on the main idea. Next, create an outline so your facts are organized in the order in which you want to present them to your audience.

As you are writing, remember to use a conversational tone, and keep in mind that the facts you find most interesting will probably also appeal to your audience. Try to include anecdotes and little-known facts about your subject that they may not have heard before.

Additions such as photographs, videos and even music will enhance the audience’s experience. Lastly, practice your speech in front of family or friends for valuable feedback, such as whether you need to speak more loudly or clearly, and whether you move around too little or too much. Find more tips at How to Write a Speech, write-out-loud.com/howtowritespeech.html.


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