Week of August 20, 2017
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What type of graph can you use to depict changes over time?
Line graph
Pie Chart
X-Y Plot
How many items does the Library of Congress have?
16 million items
62 million items
162 million items

What is unique about the Mark V?
Helps you sink to the bottom
Weighs 85 pounds
All of the above

Graph Creator

GraphHave you ever completed a school presentation or a science project where you had to display results? The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) designed Create A Graph, nces.ed.gov/nceskids/crea
, to provide students with the tools they need to create amazing-looking graphs. You can choose from bar, line, area, pie and XY graphs. Not sure which type of graph to use? Check out the Create a Graph Tutorial to find answers to all of your questions. You’ll find inspiration with the colorful Examples provided. Be sure to bookmark this page — it will come in handy for assignments!

Play Demolition Division
Demolition Division

World’s Largest Library

Library of CongressDiscovery Education presents a Constitution Day Virtual Field Trip, tinyurl.com/wouyjwm, to the largest library in the world: the Library of Congress. Established in 1800, its mission was to provide visitors with a place to view America’s documents. Watch the tour and read George Washington’s diary entries and other manuscripts. Learn from experts how the library has changed over the past two centuries. For instance, it was burned down by the British in 1814. Can you guess which former president offered his personal collection of books for sale to replenish the library’s lost volumes?

Professional Diving

DiverDid you know that professional divers build, maintain and repair underwater structures? The Divers Institute of Technology, diversinstitute.edu/videos, demonstrates how students train for careers underwater. In Underwater Welding Classes, instructor Josh Oxley shows you his state-of-the-art classroom where students complete assignments both above ground and in underwater tanks. Next, take a tour of The Hat Room to see the type of gear divers use to stay safe underwater. Learn why it’s important for students to be able to work in zero-visibility environments in Blackout Diving. Saturation Diving can go as deep as 1,000 feet. Take a look at how top divers work.

Speak Out

Do you plan to (safely!) watch
the Aug. 21 total solar eclipse?

Speak Out Here!

Choosing a Laptop

If you are headed to middle school, your parents may decide it’s time for you to have a laptop for homework. Since there are so many to choose from, a good place to begin is to make a list of the features you’ll need.

For instance, if your school requires PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Word, you’ll need a laptop that can run Microsoft Office products. However, if your school uses Google Education resources such as Google Docs, a less expensive option such as Chromebook is available. These sites have reviews of the best laptops for students:

Techradar: 10 Best Laptops for students in 2017

The 8 Best Laptops to Buy for Kids in 2017

Best Laptops for Students


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