Week of July 30, 2017
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In which city does “Book Scavenger” take place?
San Diego
San Francisco
San Bernadino

What percentage do you have to earn to become a Math Champion?

Which of Shakespeare’s plays did Queen Elizabeth I attend?
The Merry Wives of Windsor
Love's Labor's Lost
All of the above

Hide a Book

bookBook Scavenger, bookscavenger.com, is a game with a different spin on the old hide-and-seek! Learn about the author, Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, and read the first two chapters of “The Unbreakable Code” in Books. Have you ever been on a scavenger hunt? This one is a little different: You read a book you want to hide, and follow the instructions at Hide and Find Books to participate. Be sure you only hide books that belong to you, not the library! If you find a book, report it on the website. In Latest Activity, Pick Your State and find out where books may be hidden near you.

Play Sailboat Subtraction
Sailboat Subtraction

Math Games

math gamesIs your brain ready for school this year? Check out Mathopolis, mathopolis.com, for games and questions designed to improve your memory and math skills. Head over to Games, where you will train your mind to remember letters and numbers in order. You’ll receive points based on speed and accuracy. In Space you will practice graphing directions, estimating angles, area and volume, and navigating mazes. In Data you will be asked to decode words, hit coordinates and order letters. Work fast — the clock is ticking! Now move on to Questions for the opportunity to practice math skills. Good luck!

William Shakespeare

Pendulum ClockShakespeare for Kids, folger.edu/shakespeare-kids, is an introduction to the English playwright’s works through facts, games, quotes and resources. In 10 Ways to Be a Shakespeare Expert, learn little-known information about him, from his childhood through his career in the London theater. For instance, did you know that William Shakespeare has no direct descendants? His last grandchild died in 1670. In Cool Printing Facts, find out more about the printing process used 400 years ago. See digital examples of his originally printed works. If you already have some knowledge of his characters, take the Shakespeare Challenges or play Who Am I?

Speak Out

What advice would you have for
someone starting middle school?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I start middle school in a few weeks and am a little nervous about the first day. Can you help me? —
Jennifer C., Evansville, Indiana

Dear Jennifer: The great thing about middle school is that everyone is new the first day, so they’re feeling the same. Still, there are a few things you can do to help your first day go smoothly. Most schools host a day for students to walk through their schedules and learn where their classes are. If your school doesn’t do that, you can probably call the office and set up a visit before school starts so you won’t feel lost the first day.

District boundaries sometimes split up elementary students, but you probably have friends who will go to your school. Find out who has the same lunch period and classes as you, and plan to sit together at lunch or meet the first morning to walk in together so you won’t be so nervous.

Finally, finding someone who has already been to your school, who can give you tips about teachers and classes, and answer many of your questions, can help.

The Savvy School Counselor’s Middle School Transition, savvyschoolcounselor.com/middle-school-transition/, has more tips!


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