Week of July 9, 2017
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Where are the strongest winds in a hurricane located?
The eyewall
The spiral bands
The eye

During what time of year are bumble bee colonies most abundant?
July through September
March through October
Year round

What should you use to get great nature pictures?
Photo blind
Camera with interchangeable lenses
All of the above

Hurricane Safety

HurricaneHurricanes: Science and Society, hurricanescience.
, was created by the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography. Learn the ingredients required for hurricane formation in Science. Next, see the technology that helps meteorologists with Hurricane Observation and Forecasting. Whether you live near a coast or are vacationing on a beach, it’s important to be aware of the forecast, safe shelter and evacuation routes in the event of a dangerous storm. Did you know that you should not use electrical appliances, even telephones, during a storm? Find out more in Hurricane Preparation.

Play Toad Hop
Furious Frogs

Saving the Bumble Bees

BumblebeeBumble Bee Watch, bumblebeewatch.org, is committed to the conservation of bumble bees, and you can help by using your digital camera! With a parent’s permission, create a free account, then grab your camera and snap a picture when you spot a bee or a nest in your backyard, the park or around your community. Record a Sighting by uploading your photograph and details about its location. Researchers use your reports to locate rare species and endangered populations. Learn to identify more than 40 different Bumble Bee Species. Find tips about how to take a good bumble bee photo in Resources.

Nature Photography

RaccoonDo you enjoy taking photographs? The National Wildlife Federation created the Wildlife PhotoZone, tinyurl.com/ktt69jf, to showcase photographs of amazing animals all over the planet. Images can be submitted by both amateurs and professionals. Photos of the Week features the editors’ favorite contest entries. Do you have a talent for writing? Enter the monthly Caption Contest to utilize your skills. If you are new to photography, the best place to begin is your own backyard. Birds are an excellent subject because you can place bird feeders and water features in areas that also have good natural light. Check out the PhotoZone Archives for more incredible images.

Speak Out

Do you have a hobby?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: My parents want me to start a new hobby, but I don’t know where to begin. Do you have any suggestions? — Jennifer B., Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Jennifer: The first step in choosing a hobby is to make a list of things you enjoy doing. For instance, if you like being outdoors and active, you might take up a hobby along those lines, such as biking, rock climbing, tennis or surfing. If you enjoy online scrapbooking, video editing or creating slideshows, your hobby could even turn into a small business. For example, you could offer to make slideshows from people’s vacation pictures over the summer.

Collecting is a popular hobby that can be fun for many years. Rocks, coins, classic toys, sports cards and autographs are popular things to collect. You can be on the lookout for items like these wherever your family travels. Arts and crafts are popular hobbies with many possibilities. Sewing, painting, jewelry making and woodworking are just a few activities you might try, and they have the added bonus of being thoughtful gifts.

For more ideas, visit 150+ Hobby Ideas Broken Down by Interest and Personality, hobbylark.com/misc/How-to-Choose-a-Hobby.


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