Week of July 2, 2017
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What poisonous gas is released by cars with internal combustion engines?
Carbon Monoxide

How many calories are in one Red, White and Blueberry Lemonade Pop?

Do objects fall more quickly on Earth or on the moon?
It's the same in both.

Atoms and Molecules

MoleculariumDo you struggle to understand some science concepts? The Molecularium, molecularium.com/kidsite, is an interactive science experience that makes it easy to learn about atoms and molecules. Enter the Nanolab and choose an activity to begin. Select Build to create your own molecules and gather facts about them. Next, Zoom in from space to view Earth at a molecular level. In Transform, you’ll learn about the three states of matter. Watch the trailer for Riding Snowflakes – A Magical Musical Adventure. After you’ve explored, grab some desktop images and Aim Buddys in Downloads.

Play Toad Hop
Toad Hop

Cooking for the Holiday

Fireworks CakeIs your family hosting a Fourth of July party this year? Check out Betty Crocker’s July 4th Recipes, bettycrocker.com/special-occasions/july-4th, for delicious treats to make and share with family and friends. PEEPS® Fireworks Layer Cake is sure to please your guests. Cool off with frozen Red, White and Blueberry Lemonade Pops. If you like art, try decorating Stars and Stripes Brownies. Looking for more savory recipes? You’ll easily find something yummy, such as Chicken Salad-Stuffed Tomato Appetizers. Each recipe includes Nutrition Information and Expert Tips. Grab your chef’s hat and get started cooking!

Theme Park Engineering

AstronautEngineering Interact presents ParkWorld, tinyurl.com/6aeg7a2, an amusement park whose manager wants to enlist your help on the busiest day of the year. The manager of a rival theme park is plotting to make one of ParkWorld’s rides unsafe, and your job will be to locate that ride before someone gets hurt. Put your engineering skills to the test as you explore the facility. For each zone in the park, you will complete a module and learn the meanings of scientific terms such as friction and gravity, and how they apply to engineering amusement park rides so they are both safe and entertaining. Visit all of the park zones to narrow down your search. Good luck!

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Celebrating Independence

Independence Day is an important part of America’s history. For years, colonists were forced to pay taxes to Great Britain on items such as tea, sugar, paper and other imported goods. At the same time, the colonists were not allowed representation in Parliament. Colonists didn’t think it was fair to pay taxes to a government that did not look out for their needs, and these grievances led to the American Revolutionary War.

The Declaration of Independence is a symbol of liberty in America, written by Thomas Jefferson and other members of the Second Continental Congress. It represents America’s separation from Great Britain. The final version of the Declaration was adopted on July 4, 1776.

The first celebration of independence occurred on July 8, 1776, when the document was read aloud in Philadelphia’s Independence Square. Bells rang and a band played to mark the occasion. The next year, July 4 was marked by bells, bonfires and fireworks in the Square. To read a full account of the celebration, visit PBS, pbs.org/a-capitol-fourth/history/history-independence-day/.


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