Week of May 28, 2017
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Who are the Zimmer Twins?
Two 12-year-olds
Edgar and Eva Zimmer
All of the above.

What are the benefits of building a hydro plant?
No fuel costs
No emissions
All of the above.

What are the two strands of a DNA molecule made of?
Sugar and phosphate
Carbon and Oxygen
Nucleic Acid and Carbon

Digital Animation

Zimmer TwinsAre you a storyteller? Join the Zimmer Twins, zimmertwins.com, and enhance your stories with animation. Check out Watch a Movie to see some of the videos already created by students all over the world. In Make a Movie, you have the option to create a movie from scratch or edit an existing Past Starter. Drag video clips to the editing screen and type in the dialogue. Once you finish editing, press “Play” and enjoy the show. With parental permission, create a free account to save your movie so that you can share it with friends. Still looking for inspiration? Spotlight features clips created by longtime users of the site.

Play World Invasion
Word Invasion

You Are the Mayor

MayorHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be in charge of a city? ElectroCity, electrocity.co.nz, gives you the chance to be mayor of a town you create. In How to Play, learn the importance of balancing growth and environmental impact, then choose a name for your city in Game. Your decisions will affect the economy, environment and resources available to your citizens. You’ll make choices about whether to plant a forest or log one, or whether to build a ski field, increasing tourism and revenue in your town. Not everybody will be happy with your decisions, so get the facts first.

The Science of DNA

DNACalling all future scientists! Learn more about DNA when you play Double Helix, nobelprize.org/educational/
medicine/ dna_double_helix/dnahelix.html
, created by the experts at Nobelprize.org. The cells of most living organisms contain the same type of genetic material. Your challenge is to copy three strands of DNA and figure out which random organism each strand belongs to. Once you create a strand, you’ll be given descriptions and images to use to make your determination. You are provided with data about the number of chromosomes, base pairs and genes that are in your strand to help you choose wisely. Points are awarded for accuracy. The game moves quickly, so think fast!

Speak Out

Do you read books online? If so,
which one is your favorite?

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Dear Amy: My school has a reading contest over the summer. Is there somewhere I can read books online? — Max T., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Dear Max: When you can’t get to the library, reading books online is a great alternative. The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, read.gov/kids, is a terrific resource. You’ll find such classics as “The Diary of Anne Frank” or “The Phantom Tollbooth.” You can also call your local library to see if it has an online book program, as many libraries provide this service.

Children’s Books Online, childrensbooksonline.org, has a large collection of illustrated antique books. Another helpful site, Epic!, getepic.com, is a searchable database of books for kids ages 12 and under that you can browse for free for 30 days. With a parent’s permission you can pay a small fee to get access to the full library.

Another fun thing to do when you are looking for something new to read is simply to borrow a book from a friend. You can even start your own book exchange over the summer. You might be surprised at how much fun it can be to read a friend’s favorite book and then discuss it.


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