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If someone messages, “I think I know you from school,” what should you do?
Find out for sure if you know them.
Deny their request.
All of the above.

For what achievement did Sir Frederick Banting win the Nobel Prize?
He invented penicillin.
He invented a tuberculosis vaccine.
He invented insulin.

Why is it a good idea to simplify your speech?
To make your points more clear.
To help the audience understand.
All of the above.

Making Online Friends

All StarDo you know how to make wise choices when you communicate with people online? Friend Finder, tinyurl.com/moyc2c6, is an interactive game to help you determine whether you are a savvy social media user. In Round One, you will examine a series of messages from people asking to join your friends list. Based on the content of each message, you will Accept or Deny the request. Correct answers will lead you to Round Two. The questions get a little tougher in this round: Two incorrect answers and you’ll be out of the running. Are you ready to test your social networking smarts?

Play Typing Jets
Typing Jets

Adventures of Jerry Muskrat

MuskratExperience the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway in Jerry Muskrat’s Online Adventure Series, jerrymuskrat.com, about the people, animals and history of Canada. Visit the Vault of Genius to meet the superheroes of medicine in the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. Can you imagine discovering Sunken Treasures? The bottom of Lake Ontario is the location of two remarkably well-preserved ships from the War of 1812. Thanks to a sailor who survived, we know what caused the ships to sink. Take a guided tour of Dundurn Castle when you watch Durn It! Can you find out whose home it was?

Write a Better Speech

SpeechThe next time you have an assignment to give a speech, you can get help from the experts at Scholastic’s Speechwriting, teacher.scholastic.
. The fundamentals of writing any type of speech are always the same. You begin with an idea, research your topic, write your speech, read it aloud, then deliver it. Learn how to keep an audience’s attention. The best way to conquer your nerves is to practice, practice, practice! The more prepared you are, the better your speech will be. Did you know that you should write in the same style as you talk, rather than using big words and complicated sentences? Tips From the Pros will help you put the final polish on your speech.

Speak Out

Which tools have you used to create an online class presentation?

Speak Out Here!

Online Presentations

Have you ever had an assignment for a class presentation and wondered how you could make it stand out? One of the best ways to showcase your research in a format that will interest both your teacher and your classmates is with an online presentation.

If you’ve never created one, you’ll find it is easy to learn how. PowerPoint and Google Slides are two of the most popular programs, and they work similarly.

An online presentation allows you to use photos, graphics and videos to enhance any topic. If your subject is Thomas Edison, for instance, you could incorporate photos of his childhood home, inventions and even Edison himself to help your audience get a clearer picture of his life. The tutorials below will help you prepare presentations on your own.

Introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint

How to use Google Slides


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