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Which branch of government makes laws?

What can we do to cool the planet?
Add ice to the polar regions
Build giant mirrors to reflect sunlight
Brighten clouds over the sea

What do you use to see microbes?

Civics in Action

vote buttonJustice Sandra Day O’Connor and a leadership team created iCivics, icivics.org, to increase civic knowledge among young Americans. Students get a unique opportunity to participate in games that simulate our government’s operation. Test your persuasive abilities in Argument Wars and compete against another lawyer to win a real Supreme Court case. Collect points as you play games and make an impact on a community service project. Spend your points on your favorite Impact Project, and every three months the project with the most points receives $1,000 from iCivics!

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Futuristic Fun

robo-lobstersThe Science Museum of London presents Futurecade, sciencemuseum.org.uk/
, challenging games that let you test developing technologies. Discover science of the future to see how these innovations might be useful to humans. Keep the harbor safe with Robo-Lobsters, designed to destroy mines in the sea. Protect satellites from floating debris with Space Junker, which rids the atmosphere of old rocket parts and broken satellites. Alter Earth’s cloud cover and climate in Cloud Control. Are geo-engineering efforts worthwhile? Read about it and decide.

Healthy Living

GI JakeLearn about the tiny friends and enemies that live in your body from the scientists who created Microbe Magic, microbemagic.ucc.ie. Microbes are microorganisms that live all around you, even inside you. Some keep you healthy and some make you sick. The four main types of microbes are bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. In All About Microbes, find out the good, the bad and the ugly facts you need to know. Healthy Living gives you some great tips for staying well. Be sure to visit Games & Things to Do to play Go Fish, take fun quizzes and download experiments to do at home!

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Stay Sharp

Depending on where you live, summer break is just around the corner, or it might already be here. Lazy days at the pool and playing with friends are fun ways to pass the time, but they also make it easy to forget some of what you’ve learned during the school year. Spending time reading books and reviewing old homework assignments periodically during the summer can help you prepare for the next year. Games are also a great way to practice your skills. Check out these sites for games to keep you entertained and educated. Have a great summer!

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