Week of May 13, 2012

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What are the three states of water?
Liquid, solid and plasma
Solid, liquid and vapor
Vapor, liquid and plasma

What mistake did a teen make in “Cyberbullying: Broken Friendship”?
She shared her password
She met her online friend in person
She spread rumors about her classmates online

What does T.P.C. stand for?
Training Protocol Commands
Trans Plant Center
Tasti Pet Communicator

Blue Planet

dog with umbrellaDiscover Water, discover
, as you explore Earth through activities designed to uncover amazing facts about water. Discover Our Ocean offers the Ocean Homes Activity, where you’ll examine marine life, find hot water in the ocean and discover a forest without trees. As you complete each activity, test your knowledge in What Did I Learn? then build a Science Notebook. Spin the Earth and choose a new adventure. Once you’ve finished, use items you’ve gathered in your backpack to design your own Take Action! Poster.

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Cyber Smarts

teen girls looking at cell phoneThe Internet experts at NSTeens, nsteens.org, share a collection of videos, comics and games that demonstrate smart ways to play it safe online and on your phone. Cyberbullying can ruin friendships, and sharing a password, even with a best friend, can cause you harm. Videos is a great place to find out how to protect yourself and what to do if you receive a mean message on your phone, game site or online profile. Turn up your sound and jam as you read the Comics and learn why you should think before you post!

Pet Rescue

monsterLure of the Labyrinth, labyrinth.
, will have you thinking like a mathematician as you attempt to liberate the pets from the Tasti Pet Factory. Your goal is simple, but success depends on your ability to outsmart some extremely unpleasant monsters! Your creative thinking skills will kick into high gear as you try to earn tokens by working at the factory. Choose a username and password, but don’t use your real name. Then pick your pet, select a disguise and name your avatar. Will you join the ranks of those who have lost and found pets before you?

Speak Out

What’s your favorite online game? Why?

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Dear Amy: Getting spam is really annoying. Is there any way to prevent it? — Michael, Las Vegas, Nev.

Dear Michael: Spam is a problem that’s not likely to go away anytime soon. The best thing you can do is make sure you never click on any links in a spam email, even ones that say “unsubscribe,” and don’t reply to such emails, either. Many popular email applications have a “report spam” or “mark as spam” button. Reporting spam can help your email provider do a better job of filtering so your inbox doesn’t get filled with junk.

Also, be careful when giving out your email address. Sharing it with friends and family is fine, but you should avoid posting it anywhere public, such as a website, blog or forum. If you use social networking sites, change your privacy settings to make sure your email isn’t displayed on your profile page, or find some other way to limit who can see it.

If your spam problem is bad enough, you might consider getting a new email address for a fresh start. Choose a unique address, because simple ones are easier for spammers to guess. For more tips on avoiding spam, visit spam.getnetwise.org/tips.


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