Week of October 19, 2008

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In what year was the Wizard of Oz first dramatized?


What time was the meeting scheduled?

In what world war did Karl Polifka fly?

Finding Oz

Click your heels together and join other book lovers to celebrate this timeless classic at the Library of Congress’ The Wizard of Oz: An American Fairytale, www.loc.gov/
. Click on To Own the Wizard to look at some artsy artifacts, such as a map of Oz and some colorful plates. For those of you who love posters, view some original ads for stage and film productions in To See the Wizard. People young and old alike will enjoy remembering the magic of this adventure of a girl from Kansas and her dog.
Nominate a cool Web site at

A President and a King

You’ve got an exclusive invite to a famous meeting at When Nixon Met Elvis, www.archives.gov/exhibits/
. Find out which man made the first move and what his desires were in The Letter. Preparation explains what the war on drugs had to do with the initial request and recounts the time and place of their first get- together. Join these famous men in The Meeting, where you can review notes about their private discussion and celebrate a piece of widely unknown history.

High in the Sky

Take a trip through the National Air and Space Museum’s Looking at Earth to explore the beauty of our wonderful world at www.nasm.si.edu/
. Take a Gallery Tour and get a Bird's-Eye View full of awesome and picturesque photos taken from the skies featuring many cool places. Then make a stop at Windows on the World to see great pictures of the Earth taken from different distances. From planes to technologically advanced satellites, this site will give you a new look at familiar land.
Speak Out

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Speak Out Here!

Wondering about the Web?

A lot of kids who write to me ask questions about the Web, such as who invented it or how it works. I think we should all learn the answers to these questions, so that we can better appreciate the technology that many of us use every day. Visit these sites to learn all about the Web, why the Web and the Internet are different, and other cool facts.

The New WWW FAQs

How Internet Infrastructure Works

Who Owns the Internet?

The Animated Internet


Ask Amy a Question

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