Week of October 5, 2008

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What does Niki Lee do?
beadwork and painting
singing and dancing
taxi driver

Why was Liverpool attacked?
color of boats
the dock system

What is another name for the salt mineral?

Indian Art

Uncover the meaning behind numerous pieces of Native American art at Gifts Given by the Creator, http://research
. This online museum features many artists and highlights the important cultural meanings in their expressions. Take a virtual stroll through a plethora of galleries, and then meet some of the creative minds behind the exhibits in Artists. Click on their photos to reveal what inspires them, see where they went to school and discover why they love what they do.
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Live Through The Blitz

Revisit World War II through the eyes of Liverpool, England, residents at Liverpool Blitz, www.didu
. The timeline near the top of the page allows you to search through many documented war memories by the hour. As you select different times, the cartoon Liverpool drawing changes to reflect the hour and level of destruction. As you relive many of these events, be sure to check out the red highlighted topics for more information about this horrific event that lasted for days.

Try This Today!

Guess what, kids? You can try lots of fun science projects at home when you visit YES Mag at www.yesmag.ca/
. Flex your architecture muscles when you create The Leaning Tower of Pasta, where spaghetti and marshmallows come together in binding brilliance to cook up art. Then take out some paper and make sure not to miss the ever-popular YES Mag Flyer as you figure out how to make a paper airplane that really zooms. From making yogurt to creating lightning, this site guarantees hours of unending fun, so bookmark these cool projects for rainy-day good times.
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Dear Amy: Where can you go to see the world through the eyes of a honeybee? —John, Valdosta, Ga.

Dear John: Lots of creatures such as bumblebees and hummingbirds see the world differently than humans do. Their unique vision helps them to find the right kind of flowers to provide food. A cool way to see what these animals see is to visit www.exploratorium.edu/gardening/bloom/secret_life_
. Then click on A View of Attraction to get a bird's-eye or even bat's- eye perspective on flowers. If you want to learn more about what animals see, visit www.webexhibits.org/causesofcolor/17.html.

Dear Amy: How can I get a pen pal? — Serah, Ariz.

Dear Serah: Pen pals are a great way to learn about how other people live or maybe even what it's like to live in a foreign country. The Circle of Friends Pen Pal Club, http://members.agirlsworld.com, is an electronic pen pal service designed just for girls ages 7 to 17. Another place you can look for a pen pal is ePALS Classroom at www.epals.com. This site also offers services for schools, so encourage your school to get involved.


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