Week of December 1, 2002

Once You Dig In

Find out why Kids Dig Reed at www.kidsdigreed.com. Prepare to dig in by reading the History of the Reed family's farm. With knowledge about the farm, you'll be ready for the Discovery Zone, where you can survey the site and use a metal detector to locate artifacts. Visit the Artifacts Gallery to see other artifacts that experienced archaeologists found. With Games and Puzzles such as crosswords, mazes and word searches to teach you more about archaeology, you'll be an amazing archaeologist in no time.

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What did the Reeds grow on their farm?

chickens, pigs, cows, goats
beans, grass, pumpkins, rice
hay, oats, rye, corn, flax


What are some triggers that can cause an asthma attack?

smoke, dust mites, cat dander, cockroaches
water, wind, sand, heat
candy, ice cream, doughnuts


Which archaeologist excavated the ancient Sumerian city of Ur?
B. Xavier Holley
C. Leonard Woolley
Z. Quincy Jolley




Living With Asthma

Inhale a refreshing Breath of Life at www.nlm.nih. gov/ hmd/ breath/ breathhome.html. You'll find Erica's Story about her experiences with asthma. Interactives, such as the QuickTime video "The Problem With Asthma in the World/USA," give insight into the struggles with asthma that both individuals and the medical field face. Scientists have researched asthma, and today it is manageable. Find out which famous people are included in Faces of Asthma, such as Beethoven and JFK.

Bounded by Two Rivers

Go on a virtual journey to Mesopotamia with the British Museum at www.mesopotamia.co.uk, where you'll discover fascinating geographical features such as the two rivers that define Mesopotamia's borders. Make use of the glossary when you find unfamiliar words as you read about King Gilgamesh and his hunt for wood, about how and why humans were created, and about how astronomers advised kings regarding the calendar. Be sure to meet the Gods, Goddesses, Demons and Monsters that influenced ancient Mesopotamian culture during your visit.

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Loving Friends

"Make new friends, but keep the old." Those are the words I used to sing in Girl Scouts. At that time, it was a silly song that I got tired of singing. Today, however, I appreciate the song's meaning.

Life may change because you start attending a different school, because you move to a different city or because you just plain get busy. Some of the fruits of such changes in our lives are the new friends that we make. But making new friends does not translate into losing touch with old friends.

I find myself struggling to make time for my friends, especially those who live far away and are some of the most important people to me. When I miss my friends, I make a point of setting aside 30 minutes in the evening to e-mail at least one or two of them. Sometimes I take a few extra minutes to send an e-card. You'll find tons of e-cards at www.hallmark.com. Check them out and see which ones you like. Then, send one to a friend who you haven't seen in a while. I bet you'll hear from that friend in a few days.

— Amy

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