Our Kid Quest Champions of the Week!     ansley W., age 10, from dalton,      Clarissa A., age 13, from Houston,      Elizabeth T., age 12, from Morris,      Stacy L., age 10, from Singapore, Singapore     Stacy L., age 10, from , Singapore     celeste H., age 8, from louisville, us     Jonathan T., age 8, from Rentz,      aviance G., age 11, from goose creek ,      Kaydance W., age 9, from Amarillo,      Calixta P., age 8, from Fremont,      Nathan H., age 11, from Saint Louis Park, United States     Anna T., age 8, from Huntersville,      Zoe P., age 7, from Abingdon, USA     Yuxin Z., age 14, from Jingzhou, China      ., age , from ,      john andrie A., age 11, from dipolog, Philippines     

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Week of June 21, 2015

PlumExplore Your World
Get ready to explore Earth at PBS Kids Plum Landing ...
NecklaceStart a Collection
Summer is a great time to start a collection. Smithsonian Kids Collecting ...
Music StudioBehind the Scenes
Music, television, magazines and the Internet are all media that influence our opinions about ...

AmyAsk Amy
Family Fun
Catch up on quality time with your family this summer. Whether you are taking a vacation or staying in town, the warm weather of summer makes it easier to get out and try new things ...


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Sports Science
From the precision of a baseball pitcher's curveball to the amazing accelleration of world-class sprinters, most athletes know there's more to sports than strength.

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