Our Kid Quest Champions of the Week!     Dakota R., age 8, from Dickson,      nathaniel D., age 7, from athens, clark     Emma A., age 13, from cool,      daniel A., age 10, from england, uk     Alexancer R., age 5, from Vaughn, United States     katie E., age 8, from pomona,      alexis S., age 10, from tx, am     nilla M., age 6, from Bellevue,      nilla M., age 19, from renton,      Olivia S., age 11, from Plymouth,      Bodhi L., age 7, from Glendale, USA     jadyn V., age 9, from randolph, usa     emilia S., age 8, from randolph, usa     erin B., age 13, from millis,      Rebekah W., age 9, from Glencoe,      yashaswee M., age 12, from ,      mikala M., age 8, from Canton,      yashaswee M., age 12, from Baripada, INDIA     alexis C., age 9, from wc,      jennylee W., age 10, from nc gaston, no     aijas F., age 8, from alappuzha, india     lulu A., age 18, from jeddah, saudi arabia     

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Week of April 6, 2014

TrainComprehension Games
Improve your word recognition and reading comprehension at Blue Ribbon Readers’ Interactives ...
ShipCuban Missile Crisis
Have you ever heard of the Cuban Missile Crisis? Clouds Over Cuba ...
Thinker on a RockGet Out Safely
Lizzy Visits the Sculpture Garden, in an animated walk where sculptures come to life ...

AmyAsk Amy
Spring Break Fun

Spring break is right around the corner. If you are going to be home, you might be looking for some fun activities for your “staycation,” in case the weather doesn’t cooperate ...


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