Our Kid Quest Champions of the Week!     GABRIELLE T., age 10, from CHARLOTTE, CHARLOTTE     makena H., age 7, from GOSHEN, usa     courtney B., age 11, from kanas city,      Ryder E., age 10, from Houston,    Bhavya G., age 9, from Brampton, Canada     Miles R., age 9, from S.F.,      Rawda A., age 9, from new york,      NIDHI P., age 10, from LAKE MARY,      trinity K., age 10, from Louisville,      Kaitlyn A., age 8, from St louis,      serenity L., age 7, from Kansas City,      serenity L., age 7, from Kansas City,      kaylee N., age 9, from philadelphia, united states     marcos J., age 8, from unitedstats,      tomdanh A., age 9, from pennylvainain, penn     adaejah W., age 9, from unitstats,      Angelia K., age 11, from Indianapolis,      Tanishi P., age 9, from ,      Anna B., age 10, from ,      Sebastian D., age 10, from NYC,      nathan J., age 99, from billy,      Amaya S., age 8, from hayes, richmond\     Riley M., age 10, from antioch,      Arianna E., age 10, from Savage,      Yashaswee M., age 13, from Baripada, India     

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Week of March 22, 2015

learn italianCiao, mi chiamo Duo!
DuoLingo.com offers free online language courses that will give you the practice you need to excel in foreign language class ...
EinsteinWho’s on the Cover?
Cover Art: The Time Collection at the National Portrait Gallery displays portraits that have ...
girl with guitarHomework Help
Do you ever have trouble understand
ing a math or science assignment? ...

AmyAsk Amy
Learn a New Language
Many students begin learning a foreign language as early as preschool. You might wonder why acquiring a second language can be beneficial. One advantage would be ...


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